Terrazzo Pattern Scarves
In the spring of 2018 I fabricated a collection of chiffon scarves using surface pattern designs inspired by terrazzo. I chose four designs which would create a cohesive and fun feel, and would add a pop of color or pattern to an outfit in a casual way. My collection sold out within the month and I plan to continue applying my patterns to wearables in the future.  
Face Puzzle
I created a face puzzle prototype using a laser-cutter, MDF, and acrylic paint. The idea was to create a minimal and blocky puzzle that can act as an art object or as an actual plaything. 
I designed Nip-Pins and their packaging as a tongue-in-cheek product for people who support the Free the Nipple movement, but are not able to participate for a variety of reasons. The pins can be placed anywhere on clothing or used as magnets. They were created using laser-cut masonite and acrylic paint.
Incense Holders
I designed and prototyped a pair of incense holders using shapes found throughout my illustrations. I wanted them to feel unique and add a pop of color to an interior space. I am planning to have these recreated as ceramic pieces someday, and develop a few more styles as well.