Glamour Design Test
The design test for Glamour Magazine was based on a prompt: first-person essay about race, class and love—specifically, the issues around dating upper income white men that women of color grapple with. The author is about to move in with her rich, white, Ivy League-educated boyfriend into a gentrified, pricey Bronx apartment that her family could never afford. I was instructed to design a spread, a lede image, and a gif. For the spread, I based it on the article layouts for Glamour, adhering to their style guide as well as their paragraph styles and fonts with the help of filler text. 
The Vagina Dialogues
A self-directed design project in which I typeset and illustrated an article I found to be quite interesting from the Spring/Summer 2018 Issue of the Johns Hopkins Health Review. This article covers a variety of topics on women's health, specifically during the aging process and what to expect. I wanted to keep the design simple and clean, with pops of soft color. The illustrations are meant to be minimalist, using shapes as the primary illustration source. 
Flat Maps Zine
For my animation project, Flat Maps, I decided to include a zine as a method  to include the original illustrations and to serve as a guide for the story.  I also wanted to help create a alternatively biblical/historical vibe for the entire piece, and kept the overall design of the zine purposefully vague. Immediately below are a few photos of the printed zine which measures 5.5 x 8.5".